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Steven and Liv Tyler to record a duet
 The 'Super' actress revealed she loves to sing with her 'Aerosmith' frontman father, and although he constantly tries to get her into the studio with him, her busy schedule has prevented them from collaborating properly.

She said: 'We sing all the time together. We always talk about doing something together. Sometimes when he is in the studio he'll say 'come down and sing backup or sing with me on this song.' But I'm usually somewhere else, and our schedules make it so hard to meet up.'

Although they have not managed to work together yet, Liv ' who has a six-year-old son Milo with ex-husband Royston Langdon - revealed there are many bonuses to being a rock star's daughter, including evading the law. 

She explained to Fox411's Pop Tarts: 't has been really interesting for me because my whole life, especially in America, people relate to and really love Aerosmith. I'll be pulled over by a cop and they'll say 'Oh tell your dad if he ever needs a new guitar player like here's my card'. People really love Aerosmith.'

However, Liv admitted she is delighted her father took a role on the judging panel of 'American Idol' this season as people can now see how 'funny and sincere' he is rather than admire him for his rock star credentials. 

She said: ''m not particularly familiar with 'American Idol' as a whole, I've seen it a couple of times, but I feel really happy for my dad that he's doing something he loves and something different. Now I'm experiencing something so different. People are coming up to talk to me about my dad's heart because they think he's so funny and sincere. It's really sweet because that's the man that I've always known my whole life, but it's interesting that the world gets to see that part of him now.'

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